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Virginia Commonwealth University PhD current Chemistry

University of North Carolina Wilmington B.A. 2008 Chemistry (3.8/4.0)


Honors/Professional Societies:

Magna Cum Laude

MRSEC Fellow

CREST Fellow

National Scholars Honor Society Member

Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society Member

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Member


Conferences (Presentations):

58th ACS Southeast Regional Meeting Augusta, GA 2006

Factors controlling the metal ion selectivity of terpyridine and other pyridyl-donor ligands


Joanna M. Hamilton, Michael J. Anhorn, Karen A. Oscarson, Joseph H. Reibenspies, and Robert D. Hancock, “Complexation of Metal Ions, including Alkali Earth and Lanthanide(III) Ions, in Aqueous Solution by the Ligand Terpy (2,2’,6’,2”-terpyridyl)”, Inorg. Chem., Vol. 50(7), pp. 2764-2770 (2011).


Research Experience:


Research Assistant     El-Kaderi Group     VCU     current

  • Chief Hygiene Officer

  • developing novel polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs) for use in fuel cell applications

  • training our Visiting Professor on synthetic procedures and analytical techniques for porous materials

  • develop novel POPs for gas separation membranes

  • synthesize processable membranes incorporating benzimidazoles and azo-linked polymers


Research Assistant     Taylor Group     NCCU     2015

  • understanding of smart molecules

  • synthesis and characterization of polymers for drug delivery applications

  • develop polymer-elastomer hybrids that are stimuli responsive


Research Assistant     Wright Group     UNCW     2007-2008

  • extraction and purification of compounds of interest from cells cultured by biologists in our multidisciplinary lab.  

  • synthesize new compounds of interest via altering functional groups of extracted natural products.  

  • gained extensive experience using various instrumentation such as LC/MS, HPLC, and NMR and honed my bench-top and solution chemistry skills.


Research Assistant     Hancock Group     UNCW     2006-2007, Summer 2009

  • Studied complexing properties in aqueous solution of pre-organized ligand, terpy (2,2’,6’,2”-terpyridyl) with a variety of transition metals.  

  • Determined formation constants (log K) by UV-Vis Spectroscopy.


Teaching Experience:


Teaching Assistant    VCU        Virginia, NC       current

Teaching Assistant    NCCU     Durham, NC     2014-2015

Chemistry Tutor        Self-employed      Raleigh/Durham,NC    2014-2015


Outreach Activities:

ACS NCW     North Carolina Central University     October 2014

NanoDays     MRSEC     March 2015

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